Blue Berry Ginger Sea Moss Gel 16 oz (Copy)

Blue Berry Ginger Sea Moss Gel 16 oz (Copy)

Yellow Sea Moss Gel From St Lucia Infused With Fresh Blue Berry Fruit .

Product Is Sold Frozen To Preserve , Please Let Defrost In Fridge Before Eating .


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Sea moss has many potential health benefits, including: 

  • Digestion: Sea moss contains fiber that absorbs water in the body, making you feel fuller sooner.
  • Immunity: Sea moss contains iodine, which can support your immune system.
  • Skin health: The fiber in sea moss supports a healthy gut, which can contribute to healthier skin.
  • Thyroid health: Sea moss contains high amounts of iodine, which your thyroid uses to make hormones that regulate your metabolism, digestion, and mood.
  • Weight management: Sea moss’s fiber can help you feel full and not crave food.
  • Hormone levels: Sea moss is rich in minerals like zinc, which can help stabilize hormone levels.

Sea moss is also low in calories, fat, and sugar, and is gluten free. It’s a good source of vitamins and minerals, including: 

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iodine, Iron, Vitamins C and A & Much More .


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